Spartan for Life

Alumni Association

We are pleased to announce the official formation of the DePaul Catholic Alumni Association.

The DePaul Catholic family lives beyond the four years that are spent at the school and continues through Alumni, DePaul Catholic families and friends who carry that Spartan Spirit day in and day out. Alumni are essential to the health and growth of the DePaul Catholic community and play a key role in DePaul Catholic's legacy.

If you would like to get more involved or have any questions, please contact us at

A Message From Our New President

July 15, 2020

Dear Spartan Alumni,

Father Brogan

As I begin my time as President, I want to reach out to you to thank you for your dedication and support of our Spartan family. You play an important role in the life of DePaul. Your involvement began in the past when you walked the halls and were educated in our classrooms. It continues today and into the future as alumni. Each of you has your unique memories and stories from your time here. They are experiences that have helped form who you are today. These stories do not remain in the past. Each time they are recounted they strengthen the current mission of DePaul.

Your important role continues today by telling those stories. You may know fellow alumni who may not be as connected to DePaul as you are. Share your stories with them. You may inspire a new enthusiasm for him or her who may feel disconnected from us. Share your stories with young men and women for whom DePaul is an option. Let them know that they can become part of something much bigger than a school building. Tell your stories to parents who are discerning with their children what high school would be best for them. Some of you may be current parents of DePaul students. You have even more stories and experiences to share with prospective parents.

You are an invaluable asset to the success and flourishing of DePaul. I thank you for that and I invite you to tell your stories so that many more young women and men can have stories of their own. I am working closely with Coleen Brophy '79 from our Alumni Relations Office as well as Joe Laborsky í68, Chairperson of the Alumni Association. Whereas there are many uncertainties regarding the opening of school and other events connected with the school, we are planning on having small alumni gatherings in order for me to meet and greet each of you.

I look forward to meeting each of you and working together to make DePaul the "place to be" and provide an environment in which all students flourish. Together we can create stories that will sustain DePaul today and in the future.


Rev. Jared J. Brogan

Alumni Association Mission

The DePaul Catholic Alumni Association will serve to protect the legacy and success of DePaul Catholic High School by engaging and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between the DePaul Catholic Alumni Association, its alumni, and DePaul Catholic students and families.

The DePaul Catholic Alumni Association will serve to help alumni to connect with fellow graduates and DePaul Catholic High School through a wealth of activities, online services, and alumni events.

The DePaul Catholic Alumni Association Announces Board of Governors Members

Board of Governors

The DePaul Catholic Alumni Association is pleased to announce the following Alums who will represent our Association for the 2019-2021 school years. They represent all 11,000+ Alumni members and have volunteered their expertise and time to help all of us build a viable and meaningful Association. They will help foster not only our Associationís success but more importantly will help preserve the legacy and success of our beloved DePaul Catholic High School. So let's all wish them the best in their new position and make a personal commitment to being an active and engaged Association member.

Sydney Crispano '17DJ Schuck '16Joe Lozito '13
Anna Veltri '07Sergio Lopez '01Derek Guide '99
Will Giaconia '97Lynn Hudak Douglas '83Coleen Brophy '79
Debbie Lozito '78Kevin Harrington '69Pat Mullin '68
Irene McCabe LeFebvre '62  
Joe Laborsky '68, Chair
Christa Hoeher Reddy '72- Special Advisor