Parking on Campus

Students wishing to drive to school must have a parking tag to park on campus.

The cost of the tag is $15 per month, which may be pre-paid in full. Hard copies of the Parking Permission Form are available in the Main Office. Checks should be made payable to DePaul Catholic and should be submitted with a completed form to the Main Office.

Here are some of the reminders about the tags:

  • Please hang the tag from the rearview mirror, facing outward so the number is visible.
  • The tags are thin enough to cut as needed to hang them.
      A few notes…
    • The tag numbers have been recorded and assigned to specific people, so please do not trade tags.
    • Any student discovered trading tags or using a tag assigned to another student will lose on-campus parking privileges for 30 days.
    • If a different car needs to be driven one day, make sure the tag is taken from the original car.
    • No one without a tag will be permitted to park on campus.
    • Please do not skip spaces when parking.
    • All students should be using the middle spaces of the lot.
    • Larger vehicles may be parked along the brook.
    • While parking, students are reminded to use caution when opening doors – be aware of other cars pulling in.

The parking permission form is availble here: Parking Permission Form

Student-Athletes Driving Teammates

There are rare occasions where students transport other students to and from athletic contests or practices. The driver and passenger need signed permission forms for this to happen.

The permission form is availble here: Athletic Department Driving Form